About Blue Mountains Walks

About Warren Hinder

I have been a Blue Mountains resident for twenty five years, I draw great inspiration from the natural environment that surrounds me and attempt to capture in my images the timelessness and beauty of this unique area

I  Warren Hinder acknowledge and respect the Darug and Gundungurra people  the traditional custodians of the Blue Mountains

Photographic Notes

All images on this site were taken either using film, 6x6cm , 6x7 cm format or digitally using mainly a 24mm tilt shift lens with a full frame sensor. I generally exhibit my work large so prefer the opportunity that medium format film and the newer generation of digital sensors provides. All my work is shot on a sturdy tripod and I devote a lot of time focusing manually, landscape photography has taught me a great deal about patience.

 I do not spend time making my images “right “ in Photoshop, I much prefer to capture the image correctly in camera. I do no manipulation or HDR stitching to my images, the photographs you see on this site were as I saw them and represent as close as possible my vision of the scene before me. Spending hours in front of a computer screen is just not for me and reduces my opportunity to be out walking in the wilderness.