Advice and Recommendations before walking in the Blue Mountains

While walking in the Blue Mountains is very enjoyable there are a few precautions that should be observed

Indicate to friends or family your travel plans within the park. You can register your intended walk at a National Park visitor centre or police station. Personal location devices can be hired or purchased, I recommend always walking with one.  The weather can change quickly in the mountains so be prepared for sudden variations in temperature.

The Basics

Advice and things to pack

  • Carry plenty of water as the streams can be polluted and are not safe to drink from.
  • Use good walking shoes
  • Carry a jacket and wear a hat, the mountains can be a four seasons in one day experience
  • Some energy bars and adequate food for the day are a must
  • A small first aid kit
  • If you plan to walk away from main tracks plan to carry a map and GPS

      Do not depend on phone reception in the Blue Mountains especially in valleys and canyons